Hammocks are a great pieces of furniture to add to your garden patio. They bring a stylish but calming aura to your patio, and they are also extremely comfortable!

There are 2 main types of hammock- rope and fabric, each with distinct advantages and disadvantages. Fabric hammocks for instance are generally cheaper than rope hammocks, however rope hammocks are more durable. Various different styles of hammock exist- current popular styles include the Spreader-bar, Mayan, Brazilian and Nicaraguan. Hammocks come in different shapes, sizes and a mirriad of colours. One of the best makes of hammock around is Pawleys Island Hammocks.

When choosing the perfect hammock for your patio, it is important to consider the following features: type, design, size, location and hanging. The hammock should fit in well with your patio and not look out of place, ideally it should be placed in an area that gets a mix of sun and shade...and feels the most relaxing. Safety should be the main consideration when hanging a hammock- it should be secured between 2 points that will not move when weight is applied. Trees are ideal, however if you are unable to use trees, Hammock Stands are the way to go.

Hammock stands can make or literally break having a hammock on your garden patio. The hammock stand should be large enough to safely support your hammock, with you in it! Hammock stands come in many different designs and are generally made from either wood or metal. Which hammock stand to choose depends on the type and size of hammock, the location on your garden patio, and of course whether it will look like a worthwhile addition to your patio.

Put up a hammock today and reap the benefits of relaxation!