Pawleys Island Hammocks

Pawleys Island Hammocks are world renound for quality and design. The Pawleys Island range includes rope and fabric hammocks, allowing you to choose the right hammock for your garden patio.

The Pawleys Island rope hammock is tailor made for two, from 100% natural cotton yarns. This natural fibre is soft and creates a comfortable hammock bed. Over a thousand feet of rope is used to construct the durable woven bed and uses double-latch construction adding greater comfort and strength. The hand-tied bowline knots are designed to tighten with each use. The hammocks are designed to support 450 lbs. and come complete with heavy duty zinc chromate hardware that resists rust. The two inch diameter ring and welded chain ensure the hammocks safety after years of use. The supplied zinc plated hook and eye bolt assembly is the largest used in the industry for added protection against stress.

Pawleys Island also offer a range of fabric hammocks. The quilted hammock range is made from layers of weather-resistant fabric and plush polyester filling, married into a comfy quilted bed to provide a hammock design built to be enjoyed for years. This hammock design is especially popular for individuals that want full body support and not the grid of a rope hammock. Quilted hammocks also provide the ability to dress one's backyard in a coordinated color palette matching other fabric items and d├ęcor styles. Once all these factors are taken into consideration, the plush comfort is the icing on the relaxation cake known as a quilted hammock!

The quick dry fabric hammock from Pawleys Island is a perfect addition to a pool patio, or patio with lots of shade. It has many beautiful colour options woven to breathe allowing generous air flow for fast drying. You can forget any worries if your little ones want to crawl up into the hammock in a wet suit, as this hammock cannot fade from chlorine and has a water regain factor of less than .01%. If your shady spot does not catch many rays of sun, this hammock's ability to resist moisture will make it always ready for your enjoyment.

Invest in one of the best hammocks in the world and add a new relaxing dimension to your garden patio. You will never have felt better!