Buying Patio Furniture

First of all, you have to decide on your budget. It's possible to spend a lot of money on patio furniture, but it's also possible to pick up very cheap patio furniture. The cheap type is made out of aluminum. Often, these aluminum chairs fold up, and the seats and backs are made out of strips of strong fabric. These chairs, often called beach chairs or lawn chairs are very cheap, but you only get what you pay for. They won't last for more than a few years, and they're likely to blow all around if you leave them out during a storm.

Metal patio furniture is another option, and it's usually not too costly. These chairs and even "sofas"-two seaters-are made entirely out of lightweight metal. Unlike the aluminum chairs with fabric seats, these metal chairs will last longer, although you may have to repaint them every now and then. They're generally not too expensive, although they will cost more than cheap folding chairs. In addition to chairs, you may also find cheap metal tables. These tables often have non-solid tops-instead the top is a metal mesh, although it's much stronger than mesh wire. The table is usually much heavier than the chairs-they can often blow over in a strong wind, although they shouldn't blow all around your yard like folding chairs.

Wooden patio furniture is a good option if you make certain it is treated for outdoor use. If it's not, it won't last too long. However, wooden furniture that has been sealed against the elements can look great and will last just as long as metal furniture, especially if it's made from pine or oak. Generally, wooden furniture and heavy metal furniture run about the same cost, although Adirondack chairs (those large wooden chairs that have spaces between the slats) can be a bit more expensive.

In addition to chars, you'll also want to look for a table for your patio. As mentioned above, some metal tables have solid tops and some have mesh-like tops. Both are useful, although the mesh tops may not be quite as useful since small items can fall through. There are also patio tables that have a metal base with a glass top. These tables are usually heavy enough that they won't blow over during a storm, so you don't have to worry about the glass shattering. However, it's best to lean these tables over if you know a really big storm is coming.

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