Designer Outdoor Rugs

Clean up your Act

What does summer mean to you? For you it could signal nice weather, the warm sunshine, blue skies, blooming flowers and the sounds of birds, and children playing. Along with all these lovely aspects of summer there are other things that this 'nice weather' leads too. The inevitable feature is that more activity comes in, and out, and in and out of the house. This can leave you reeling as dirty sneakers get tracked from the door, undoubtedly in a direct path to the fridge! Did you really think they were taking their shoes off when you weren't there policing them?

Even just outside the back door, as you make your way to sit in a comfy lawn chair, your doing running the slalom course around muddy dog paw prints, grass, leaves and perhaps even a puddle from dripping Popsicles. On a concrete or interlock this can be challenging to sweep away a sticky muddy mess. Washing it down means starting at one side and moving all the dirt across until it's gone off the other side, so it's not a short simple process. A solution could be as simple and attractive as a designer outdoor rug for heavy foot traffic.

There are a collection of outdoor rugs manufactured from DuraCord® that offer many features that would be perfect for the areas that see the most activity and with the added benefit of being stain resistant and as easy to clean as throwing a little soap and water on them. They don't have a tacky 'synthetic' appearance either. The patterns and rich colors make a very attractive addition to your outdoor living space yet have a life span 2 times longer than polyester. The feel is as soft as cotton yet offers superior abrasion resistance, no moisture pick up so no microbial growth and the fibers are resistant to fading.

These are built to suit their tough environment and anything a kid, dog, or the neighborhood barbecue you had can throw their way. So as you sit enjoying your friends company and see a burger fall on your carpet, or more Popsicle stains, or a drink gets knocked over you can relax knowing that there is no harm done and clean up is simple. With outdoor events this can be critical as these messes can bring out little insects hunting those leftovers as well. Easy cleanup will keep wasps at bay, and sent that army of ants packing looking for a free lunch elsewhere.

It seems like such a simple addition, and you can choose from an assortment of sizes, colors and patterns to find one that suits your personal style as well. You are not limited at all with choice. Designer outdoor rugs for heavy foot traffic area are a beautiful way to clean up your act during the summer season.

The perfect solution for heavy foot traffic areas on the deck or patio is a durable outdoor rug.