Outdoor Lighting Techniques

Outdoor lighting is like interior design in one crucial way. That is that there is just no mistaking a professional job from an amateur job. Walk through an exclusive vacation resort for instance and you will see that the interior decorating job was obviously given to a professional. Take a walk outside that same resort at night and you will notice the same with the outdoor lighting.

Outdoor Lighting Tricks That the Experts Use

So does this mean that everyone has to run out and procure the services of a outdoor lighting design expert? Not at all! Because there are ways that you can steal some of the tricks that they use from their "play book".

Outdoor Lighting and Shadows

For instance, a professional outdoor lighting design consultant knows that lighting produces shadows. This particularly holds true with any type of spotlighting. Take the time to experiment with statuary and large plants when positioning spotlights to get the full effect from any shadows that are created.

Be Careful When Positioning Powerful Area Lighting

The last thing that you want is a "prison yard" effect from any lighting that is used to light an area. Hence; just as with spot lighting, positioning is crucial, so you might consider locating powerful lighting off to the side or even buffer it by positioning it behind landscaping.

Subtle Yet Effective Outdoor Mood Lighting

Far too often when people hear the phrase "colored mood lighting" they immediately conjure up pictures of stark reds, blues or other standard colors. The truth is that you can effect a mood with lighting by using subtle, "almost undetectable" shades of peach, pink, turquoise, yellows or even teal.

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