Using An Outdoor Mat In Your Hammock

Love to use your hammock but don't want to ruin the grass around it?

Don't you just hate the look of a 'dead grass' patch when you've had something sitting on it? Yuck. It's an eye sore that no one wants. The question is how do you get around it? Cover the back yard with bricks, flagstones or a layer of concrete. That WILL work but may not be the most comfortable, and certainly no the most attractive. The idea is to enjoy the natural lush green that makes you feel like you are part of the outdoors when you are relaxing in your yard, or playing in your yard.

Consider using an outdoor mat underneath the hammock in the backyard. It's attractive, easy to clean, reduced the little critter that would fly up from the grass, and best of all it doesn't kill the grass underneath it. It's a great feature because when you work to keep it trimmed, green, and free of weeds and dandelions the last thing you want is for your outdoor furnishing to kill what you have worked to achieve. Add to the list of benefits is the idea that the mat will pick up grass, dirt and debris off your shoes so it's not lifted up onto the hammock. Who wants to lie in dirt? No me!

This is just a simple tip to keep your backyard space attractive and your oasis for rest and relaxation neat and clean, while in the process you are protecting your lawn by simply using an outdoor mat under your hammock.

If you enjoy relaxing in a hammock but don't like the idea of killing the grass under it try using an outdoor mat underneath it.